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Merry we meet!

Les/bi/trans female pagans
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Merry we meet!

This is a community made for lesbian AND/OR bisexual women of the wiccan faith to meet each other. The transgendered are also welcome to join, too! This community is about love and acceptance, and if that does not interest you, you can stop right now.

Please read the rules before joining, after joining feel free to post pictures and info about yourself.


1. NO men. (females, and transgendered only!) Join ikisspagans if you are male
2. No Flaming. Be nice.
3. No trolls. (I will find you and remove you.)
4. All quiz results, survey results, and pictures must be posted behind an LJ-CUT.
5. You MUST be at least interested in learning about pagan faith(s) and you must respect them.
6. Religious tolerance. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way/path.
7. You must be either lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, bicurious, or pansexual.
8. Pictures with nudity ARE allowed, however, they MUST be posted behind an LJ-cut WITH a warning for younger members. And please, no porn; use your judgement.
9. Any posts I find deemed inappropriate (meaning, violating these rules) WILL be deleted, and I am also not afraid to ban users.

Anyway, please act/walk in love!

Blessed be.

Your moderator: _akasia_