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world history

This was my day yesterday (or a part of it which i didn't get the chance to post):

I'm sitting in World History listening to the people doing their end of the year projects. So, this girl walks up to the front of the class during her bit and is like "So, the church incouraged people to go kill the 'witches'" and she looks across the room. "Sometimes they let the white witches live," and then she looks over at me, "they mostly killed the black witches, or the Satan Worshipers"

I'm sitting there thinking: "ok, so I already get called a dyke every other day and now I'm being called a satan worshiper. well this sucks." So she sits down and I turn to my friend and I'm like "OK, so I'm being called a satan worshiper even when I don't believe in him! hm.. lets think about how ironic this is." So, for the rest of the class period the girl keeps looking over at me and making a cross.

Goddess, people can be so annoying!

Blessed Be,
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